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Why IFS Integral Therapy?

After raising 5 kids, teaching high school and college English and Drama, I have embarked on a new career. I am a marriage and family therapist who sees clients between ages 14 and 74, individuals and couples, from all ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations. It is my pleasure to hold the space for clients who are seeking to make connections between the different parts of themselves and others, instead of experience continual inner and outer turmoil. Even the most difficult part of us has a purpose for what it does and needs attention and care in order to find its best way of expressing its needs and wants. My life experience, now with 8 grandchildren, allows me to feel in to your experiences with a curiosity based on the knowledge that diversity and uniqueness is ubiquitous, AND love, compassion and justice are also everywhere, if we look for them. Therapy is becoming aware of their presence inside us so that we can be available to their manifestations in our world.

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