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IFS Integrated with Relational Psychoanalysis

Connecting with all the parts of You

I raised 5 children with my husband of 34 years, while living overseas for 16 of those years. I also worked part time as a high school teacher. After I got a masters in Humanities and we moved back to the States, I switched careers.

Overseas my husband and I were involved in peer counseling of other couples and families and I wanted to do that here in the States as well.

Currently I work with adult individuals, couples and adolescents.

Internal Family Systems integrates with Relational Psychoanalysis in that in the therapy room my self-states make contact with my clients' self-states and we work on awareness of the different defenses, wounds and beliefs that affect our responses to each other and the environment. 

Through meditative practices we find out the needs and wants of the clients' psyche(s) and how these parts of the client can respond instead of react to the outside world.

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